Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Update

  • work
  • swim
  • bars

  • sleep in! raining, so no cycling - trying to keep bike clean.
  • run
  • ice ankle
  • Ironman meetup
  • drinks at Blarney Stone

  • Bike/Run/Bike/Run on Fiesta. It rained - bike is filthy
  • ice ankle

My filthy bike

I am not going to have fun getting the sand out of there! Was I doing Xterra?

Weekly totals:
Volume: 11 hours
Swim Distance: 4.7 miles
Run Distance: 26 miles
Bike Distance: 63 miles

It seems pretty light on cycling to me, but then again I tend to over-train when left to my own decisions. I did mess up one bike workout this week and had to cut it short. Also, I didn't do a long ride on the weekend which has always been a staple of my training. However, 26 miles running is the longest I've done in any week since IMAZ - and I feel pretty good about it. Metronome running is very effective - too bad I can only keep it up for a few minutes at a time. I'm running well (for very short periods) and without injury. The ankle is still sore, but it's certainly not getting worse - it may even be improving.

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