Monday, January 26, 2009

Training Rut in January?

I had a pretty mild training weekend, as I'm starting to settle in to my schedule. Through some bad planning on my own I ended up on the bike trainer Friday night after work - and then out to the bars for a few drinks. This was bad because I started the Saturday ride with worn out legs. I had planned on riding the Great Western Loop (oh how I love that ride) but due to overnight rain I decided to do a more mundane route with friends. We decided to do the Elfin Forest/Del Dios (Swami's) route, since it had recently received a fresh coat of silky smooth blacktop. It was only 40 miles, plus we didn't hammer - and with a 30 minute stop in Rancho Santa Fe while we searched for Eric who had flatted and needed assistance. But my legs felt like crap - there just wasn't anything in them. I don't know if it was the trainer workout from the night before, or poor nutrition, or just one of those days - but rarely do I ask my legs for power and have them argue with me as fiercely as they did on Saturday. But the skies cleared, blessing us with another beautiful Southern California morning, and we really had a good time.
Here's the crew (minus me) at the church where Swami's regroups

After the ride I was scheduled for a 15 minute run. Nobody else wanted to run - except for Beth. Yes, 6 minute mile, sub 3 hour marathon Beth. Thankfully, she was planning on running a bit further than me and decided to run later in the day. I was happy to not be faced with the option of either completely blowing up trying to keep up, or by being the boat anchor that slows her down. I did my 15 minutes (1.75 miles) and to my surprise the crew was still mulling around the parking lot when I returned - it was going to be a Naked Cafe breakfast for us! I had ginormous bluberry-blackberry-banana pancakes and a mexican hot chocolate - pretty much destroying any fitness benefit from the mornings workout.
Some of the crew enjoying the view at Naked Cafe. Sorry for the crappy photo, still figuring out my camera!

Saturday night the old IMAZ crew went out for dinner and drinks in downtown SD. I made an early exit from the festivities, and got to bed at a decent hour. I knew Sunday's long run would be a tough one - I hadn't run more than five or six miles since IMAZ, and this one was going to be 10 miles. Plus emotionally Sunday was rough. I should have been racing the Carlsbad 1/2 marathon that day - and I am still /pissed/ that I gave up that race for BS reasons. Anyway, my good friend Don agreed to run with me early Sunday morning - despite his having been out all night drinking with the crew, and his kids waking up early for Sunday morning fun. We ran from Del Mar to Encinitas - a total of about 10 miles in 90 minutes. It was a comfortable pace, and a lot of fun. I like running with Don, he's a good balance for me. By necessity Don does his workouts slow and steady - he is the most consistent pacer I've ever met. I rode a century with him on Coronado last fall, and his speed never varied outside of 18-19 MPH the entire way, he was like clockwork. He helps me fight my tendency to go out fast, and crawl on the second half. We had several really good long runs during IMAZ training since we are about the same speed, and Sundays was yet another. Good pace, great weather, fantastic company - who needs Carlsbad? Thanks Don.
40 miles on the bike, 12 running - all at an easy pace. It doesn't sound like much for a weekend, but it's right where I want to be right now. I'm on target. I just need to stay there as the distance and intensity ramp up.

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