Friday, January 9, 2009

Ankle Update

I went to the doctor this week, the news is mixed. The x-rays were negative, which is good - no stress fracture. It's a tendon issue, probably either a tear or an irritation. That's the bad news, since tendon issues are a little tougher to fix than broken bones. The likely culprits are the Peroneus Longus and Peroneus Brevis tendons, which are on the outside of your ankle. The doctor prescribed physical therapy, possible steroid injections, and of course a few weeks off from running. Naturally, I left his office and went straight for the Tuesday night Mission Beach Jetty boardwalk run.
The way I see it is that this injury is minor, I can bear it for anything but trail running. It's also not going to cause permanent damage if I keep running, all that will happen is that it gets more painful - and I have a decent tolerance for that. Plus, rest is for the "off season" - of which I have none. We'll see how it goes, I'm guessing I'll do fine until the trails at Wildflower in May - at which point my season may be over.
So I have a lot of limping ahead of me, at least now I'll have an excuse for my pathetic run times!

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Rachel said...

Take care of your injury! You running on that is like me trying to fight this cold and swimming the Cove-Pier-Cove swim right now. Play it safe!