Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Normal

Finally feeling normal again after all my recent craziness. I got back on the bike saturday and did a miserable 50 miles in the rain. It took 4 hours. We were cold and wet and our brakes didn't work, but I had good company which made it much more bearable (thanks Sara!). I still haven't cleaned the bike up - it's completely coated with sand. I'm pretty sure sand is not a preferred drive train lubricant. The bike cleaning is on my todo list (really, I created one using Google Mail Tasks) along with about 15 million other things. Including "go to the doctor".
Unfortunately my rest period during the holidays did not work. I ran 8 miles Sunday, and my ankle still hurts - maybe worse than ever. I think it is sprained, but I'm not sure. I can swim without pain (as long as I don't kick), and can ride the bike for short distances without pain. Running on hard surfaces isn't painful during the exercise, but afterwards the ankle is sore. Running on uneven surfaces I cannot do at all - excruciating pain that stops me from continuing.
I ran Ironman Arizona on this injury, so I can deal with the pain OK on flat surfaces. I am confident I can do the California 70.3 on it. But Wildflower is right around the corner, and there is absolutely no way I can run that course on this ankle. There is a zero percent chance of me missing WF. It's not an "A" race, so I don't need to go fast - but I'll finish that thing on crutches if I need to. So that means a trip to the doctor, and a prayer for news other than "stop doing that".

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