Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If you've spoken to me in person over the last two months, chances are good I've mentioned the TriFAThlete web site. I found it funny at first, if not hard to explain. It's a bunch of pretty serious athletes who are fed up with the SlowTwitch crowd, and decided to fight back. It's really pretty funny, though certainly rude and a bit mean - but they have a point to make, and they get it across clearly. Their banner reads:
If you really want to do something well, you'll get off your fat, lazy ass, look at yourself in the mirror and realize what an ugly loser you are and become something. If not, well then you'll just be fat and ugly.

Obviously, this site is NSFW and contains some seriously sick humor. Enjoy!


gunnbr said...

Whoah! Yeah--that's definitely NSFW!!! :)

Trackie Bert said...

What a disgusting blog.

Chris said...

TB, welcome! I feel like I have a celebrity visitor.

Trackie Bert said...

That's right. I'm huge in the Bay Area Track Cycling world. Actually, I am huge everywhere.