Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Decision made

I had planned on doing the short course at WF, but I just confirmed my registration for the 2009 Wildflower Long Course on May 2nd. Along with Ironman California 70.3 on April 4th, that makes two half Ironman races in a month. I did both of these races in 2008 (with a century ride and the LJ half marathon in between) with poor results at WF. I got sick and ended up doing the race with the flu, plus I had mechanical issues on the bike course.
This year, for the first time, Wildflower will not be an 'A' race for me. My friends NS and SP won't be there, and I'm really going to treat it as a working vacation. I might even stay in the campgrounds - but no promises there. I'm not sure what kind of results to expect. Last year I had the flu, but the weather was unusually cool and pleasant. Normally WF is out of this world hot, which is bad news for Mr. Dehydration over here. This year I'll be healthy and my bike will hopefully have more than one gear. We'll see how it goes!


rocketpants said...

camping...camping...camping...so...does this mean you will be my cheering section for the short course?? :-)

Chris said...

Of course I'll be in your cheer section RP. I seem to remember a day in November where you cheered me on for nearly a whole day!
Camping though... what about a hotel friday night, and campgrounds on sat?